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Results & Benefits

First expect the recovery of your lost profits!

In fact, we will generate recoveries many times that of our competitors. Our recoveries rate at the very top because we not only utilize highly-evolved electronic analysis tools, but we motivate our audit professionals to search much more deeply into your transaction stratification deck to review your high-volume, low-dollar transactions. This focus uncovers systemic errors that can impact months of errant vendor billing errors greatly impacting recovered dollars.

Our comprehensive audit will not only maximize your recovery opportunity but will also provide an important retrospective examination that imparts knowledge. We offer the following cost savings, information transfer and recovery benefits:

  • Recovery of your lost profits
  • A thorough review of the accuracy of your processes
  • A thorough understanding of the effectiveness of your practices
  • Knowledge that vendors have complied with their contracts
  • Identification of opportunities to lower the cost of processing
  • Improved relationship with suppliers
  • Negotiation knowledge and tools for the future
  • A better understanding of company purchasing and utilization metrics