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Project Investment

PCS provides a pure-contingency recovery audit. Our Audit Professionals go wherever the records are located as part of our documentation service. For firms with decentralized operations, our cross-entity audity capability is vital. PCS will download the electronic data from unlike systems and combine into a global database. Our experience indicates that performing cross-entity checks is a valuable recovery opportunity and is part of the Comprehensive Business Review our clients expect from us. If our cross-entity data format is of value to you - just ask, we are happy to supply you with a copy.

Your Investment In The Project

Our clients discover how to improve their bottom lines within days of implementing a simple business decision. Amazing as it may seem, their business decision did not require:

  • an investment of capital
  • budgeting
  • an increase in current operating expenses
  • an increase in personnel

The desision they made was to engage PCS to perform a thorough review of their accounts payable and disbursements including:

  • verification of price terms and conditions
  • sales tax paid to vendors
  • accrued use tax
  • health care expenses

Our clients have learned that our comprehensive review will identify and recover many times more dollars when compared to the electronic review emphasized by some competitors. Yet, our mission goes well beyond dollars of recovery. We also provide analytic and diagnostic management reporting designed to enhance your long-term value proposition - save on future cost and improve on efficiency.

Our unique approach yields a comprehensive recovery and cost savings opportunity that far exceeds our clients' expectations.