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The knowledge you gain from our value-added reporting will ensure future savings, identify cost-saving measures, and improve your tools for future negotiating.

From the Historical Data Provided, you will receive:

  • Statistical Metrics
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • High Maintenance Supplier Analysis
  • Electronic Payment Systems Analysis
  • Supplier File Reports
  • Vendor Master File Reporting

Customized Client Reporting and Special Requests Can Include:

  • Combined System Histories
  • Business Unit Transaction Queries
  • Disbursements Over Time Frame
  • Disbursements Within Dollar Limits
  • Ad Hoc Client Defined Reporting

Progress reports are available on-line to our clients 24/7.

At the end of the engagement, a final report is prepared. This End of Engagement Observation and Recommendation reporting contains the results of our work, observations about your systems, examples of overpayments, and best practice recommendations.