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Paybles Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS) utilizes an operating philosophy of servicing its clients from its local offices. If specific expertise is needed for a special need, PCS can draw from a financial auditor pool of more than 50 full time employees. This approach has proven very popular with PCS's larger clients as well as those entities with multiple operational locations. Our audit professional is a well-trained, seasoned individual with the ability to do what computers alone cannot--conclude from investigation and decide via reason and applied experience.

PCS is an innovator of accounts payable best practices reviews for its clients. We have expanded our coverage to include all areas of the client's business that generates a payment, excluding payroll and employee travel and entertainment expense. PCS has recovered many millions of overpaid dollars on behalf of its clients, yet the knowledge gained about the operational efficiency and control of the procurement/disbursement function is often deemed even more valuable by the PCS clientele than the monies recovered.

Our greatest value is to recover your lost profits and to transfer future cost-saving knowledge.

PCS is experienced with profit recovery in all industries. Our staff has provided auditing services to the Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Services, High-Tech, Construction, Entertainment, and Financial Services sectors.