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We are a leading provider of contingency-based
account payable review services.

Payables Consulting Services, Inc. (PCS) is dedicated to partnering with our clients to provide state-of-the-art post-payment recovery and analysis. Our occupation is to identify, document and recover our client's lost profits. Of equal importance is our mission to provide analytical and management reporting which guides the client in the reduction of future losses through the evaluation of the current processes and systems influencing their payables department. To that end, we provide the following auditing services on a contingency basis:

  1. Disbursement auditing of archived accounts payable transactions
  2. Contract Compliance auditing of vendor purchase terms
  3. Sales and Use Tax auditing including reverse audits and tax assessment
  4. Fraud Assessment including data analytics and secure document risk assessment
  5. Self Funded Health Care auditing of all health care related disbursements

In all instances, it is PCS's role to provide profit and knowledge to the client. You must have a recovery or there is no charge for the service.

The founders, having spent over twenty years collectively in top management positions for the industry's leading recovery firms, came to recognize the need to refocus on the core business of accounts payable auditing. Trying to address all the potential areas of lost revenue is admirable, but in reality, comes up short. Specialization will achieve greater overall results, in less time.

Utilizing a best practice approach, PCS will focus on the following areas:
  1. Address all companies, even where payables are less than 100 million, annually.
  2. Involve less management per audit, keeping it simple and more efficient.
  3. Be more flexible and adaptable to client's needs and schedules as they may change.
  4. Offer a Management Summary Report that address specific client issues, not just a boilerplate report.
  5. Do not offer an electronic audit only, but combine it with a comprehensive hands-on approach.
  6. Make no predetermination as to when an audit will be completed, but do a thorough job for the client to produce maximum results.

This approach couples with their overall business experience in the accounts payable industry, provides clients with a much greater results-oriented, personalized audit, with greater overall recoveries.

Today, the company maintains fully staffed offices in strategically located cities. The company serves clientele in fifty states and Canada. Exponential growth in revenue and profits resulted after PCS decided to standardize its methodology for United States and Canadian markets. The company lists numerous Fortune 500 companies among its clients.